ran_d_photosynthRan-D was born in Oakland California and raised in the Bay Area where Ran-D’s life began. As a child he was moved around from house to house and with different family members but still, Ran-D always kept a smile on his face and looked forward to his life ahead. One day something happened to Ran-D that changed his life 4 ever, Rappers Delight was just coming out on the radio and on this particular day it was heard by him and he asked his step mother too take him to the record store to buy it. There the young Ran-D purchased his first record of his life and it happened to be the first big hit for rap music.

As the years went by he took such an interest in rap that when Mixing & Scratching had hit the scene, he worked odd jobs and hustled to get 2 turns tables and a mixing board to start mixing it up and making mix tapes. Next was the break dancing revolution and Ran-D was right in the thick of things Popping & Locking busting moves and performing all over the Bay Area. As the years went by Ran-D watched and listened as the Rap game grew too new levels From RUN DMC, N.W.A, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Biggie, e-40, Eminem, Jay Z to Luda and many more. Yes, Ran-D Has been there since day one but Ran-D’s dream of writing and performing on stage as a Rapper was fading away for him as he started his life as a family man and started his working carrier, but he never gave up on his dreams.

One Day, Ran-D’s Life would change Again when He would meet Anthony Henry AKA (Sir Tone) a former member of Rap Group (Certified Spitters). There Ran-D found his passion again for Rapping. Along the way he would meet more influential people that would also change his life like Dan P, L.E.S., Breez-Allmighty, TmosBeaTZ, Tone Malone, J-INTELL of Omina laboratories, Tofu De La Moore, B-Smoove and Super Producer and Film maker Jae Synth of PhotoSYNTHesis Films. Jae Synth, who is a Strong force In the Sac Rap Game, has paved a way for Ran-D! Now Ran-D is fulfilling his dream of making Rap Music, Writing and Producing and Co Directing and Editing Films for PhotoSYNTHesis Films with Documentaries and Music Videos.

Now 6 years strong with Jae Synth and many other people in Ran-D’s life he is now on his way to where he wants to be. Ran-D has released his own album, “The Ran-D Style” and soon next year’s release of his second album “TRS-2” and also writing songs for many artists and editing many music videos for PhotoSYNTHesis Films. When I Asked Ran-D what He Like most about music he replied, “It’s the love of the music, the people and relationships you build along the way”. Ran-D also Explains, “Meting Jae Synth has changed my life in many ways, one of them is being friends, best friends, and of course making music, meeting people editing his films and having fun”. Stay tuned to see what happens next in Ran-D’s life and working with Jae Synth and PhotoSYNTHesis Films. “The sky and beyond is the limit”, “Time to make money by the pile, The Ran-D Style”.